Time and Place 2: Painting Retrospective


This show was a response to a video that I shot.

I had emptied my garage of all the paintings that I had stored into my driveway. I recorded the hundreds of pictures with my phone. I uploaded it for my sister to see and titled it Time for a Show.

IMG_7012This is the show that followed. I filled both Chicago Art Department galleries with paintings. Over 150 made the final cut.

After delivering and hanging the artworks I noticed a dumpster full of barely used canvases. A whole truckload full of new art potential. I took all of those canvases back to my garage and it almost filled it.

The next day at the show I was trying to figure out how to fit all of this art that I had made over the past 15 years that was still on the wall if my garage was now filled with future canvases.
IMG_7000 (2)

I decided that at the end of the evening I would invite everybody to take some art home with them. I grabbed a few of my favorites, my sister grabbed some for the folks back home and the majority of the rest distributed itself throughout Chicago. Many of the pieces took a train ride home.

IMG_6971IMG_6968IMG_6973IMG_6984IMG_6981 (1)IMG_6987 (1)IMG_6996IMG_6991 (1)





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