Best of CG-S17

Best of Computer Graphics
Spring 2017: 

This semester I hosted two sections of my Computer Graphics course.
There were two main assignments and lots of great results.

Midway through the semester we were asked by RJEA, a new social justice organization on campus, t0 help them design a logo for their club. They ended up selecting Francescas logo, below, out of nearly 80 submissions.

Students also each designed a deck of cards.

Francesca Cepero
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Francesca Cepero2
Francesca Cepero3

Francesca Cepero-cards

Francesca Cepero-cards2


Jorge Munoz

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Jorge Munoz

Jorge Munoz1

Jorge Munoz2


Wioleta Takuska

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Takuska - cards2


Rosaly Garcia

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Rosaly Garcia

Sarina Perez

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Sarina Perez1




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