Drawing 2 – Series Portfolios

Drawing 2 is the beginning of our students real art training.
This class is designed to teach students how to transfer their craft work developed in Drawing 1 and their composition skills from 2D Design into the structure needed for their first conceptual works. This is where ART happens. This is not easy – It is not always fun… at first. But this is the beginning. Students stretch, explored hopefully begin to feel. Then they are asked to Express those feelings. Working in series helps students find meaning where through working out issues often lost in one-off images. These are a few choice portfolios from this Spring’s class.

Students first went around the room marking on all of the papers for about half an hour. They were then given one of the messes to clean up. They were tasked with FINDING something in the image.

Every class for the next three weeks they made a cousin, sister, brother grandfather and great niece for the original piece. looking for the rowdy, and restless family members that break the rules of the series.

These related pieces were all titled and the series title evolved as they went along. They were then all documented and published in a midterm portfolio.

Critiques were not the normal conversational kind. This time students drew pictures to one another. The last pages of each of these portfolios are the drawings that their classmates offered as advice.

Dental Work by Kaitlin Mikols

Gift Series Book by Cherith Clottey

JCalaunan HGP Midterm Portf… by John Calaunan

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