Time and Place 2: Painting Retrospective


  This show was a response to a video that I shot. I had emptied my garage of all the paintings that I had stored into my driveway. I recorded the hundreds of pictures with my phone. I uploaded it for my sister to see and titled it Time for a Show….

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Connect Ed – 2014

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For this exhibition that asked artists to consider re-invisioning education. I decided to create project in which I had students from four different grade levels draw the same teapot. The students were from a school that has no art program. so I would get student for one morning and teach…

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Painting Under the Lines – 2011

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Light Paintings: Paint and Projections at Chicago Art Department Posted by Andrew Roddewig on Sep 12, 2011 | Leave a Comment On Friday, September 9th Nathan Peck presented his light paintings at the Chicago Art Departments gallery at 1932 S Halsted #100. Nathan’s video paintings are a combination of actual…

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Escaper Route – 2010

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Escape Route: A Multimedia Immersion Into the Hearts and Minds of Incarcerated Youth This will be the first comprehensive assemblage of the diverse artwork of youth incarcerated in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center outside of the center. Featured in this show will be publications, recordings, murals, digital images, posters,…

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Hard Science – 2010

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Me and my wife collaborated on a piece for the Science themed show called the Newton-Pollock Force-Multiplier in which we dripped paint on a canvas from various heights p to 5 stories off the ground. We framed an interesting part of the canvas.

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