Escaper Route – 2010

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Escape Route: A Multimedia Immersion Into the Hearts and Minds of Incarcerated Youth This will be the first comprehensive assemblage of the diverse artwork of youth incarcerated in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center outside of the center. Featured in this show will be publications, recordings, murals, digital images, posters,…

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Hard Science – 2010

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Me and my wife collaborated on a piece for the Science themed show called the Newton-Pollock Force-Multiplier in which we dripped paint on a canvas from various heights p to 5 stories off the ground. We framed an interesting part of the canvas.

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The After’s Cool Show – 2010

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This exhibit was a tribute to Chris Hales, aka DJ Tapedek. Dedicated CAD student, resident artist, teaching artist, DJ, Painter, Collage Artist, Friend, and source of inspiration for many…Missed by many.

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iPhone there fore iArt – 2010


Perhaps one of our most widely published events – the first iPhone Art Show broke a lot of new ground. Reporters form the New York Times and CBS Evening News covered the event. iSick was a respons to the H1N1 scare at the moment. I placed several iPhones that were…

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Video Art 101 – 2009

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Although video has become a much more common sight in art galleries and museums, it is still in many ways an emerging artform that is not fully appreciated or understood. With Video Art 101, the Chicago Art Department uses the frame of an art exhibition to teach basic video art…

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$200 – 2009

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This CAD theme asked participants to consider making art thet is worth $200 ( the cost of studio rent at CAD)

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200 Lincolns – 2009

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200 LINCOLNS Art celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday February 13th – February 27th 200 LINCOLNS In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday this February, the Chicago Art Department will be opening a new group exhibition appropriately titled, “200 Lincolns” which will feature 200 portraits of Honest Abe in a variety…

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Picture Books – 2009

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These were are the product of a very strange set of collaborations between me and two performance artists. One was a photographer who feature sarcastic-erotic-precarious self portraits. The other was a set and costume designer that built a crazy surrealistic funkshop in our gallery for a week called Salvador’s Wardrobe.

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