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This video was shot and edited by Abel Juarez and Heather Kaminsky, students at SXU. This event was October 7, 2017. The event featured students from many of my classes.

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EGray Scene

One of my students, Ethan Gray, made this today in my new VR studio at Saint Xavier University Art & Design Departments Visual Arts Center. Use your Scroll wheel to zoom Use your left mouse button to rotate Use your right button to scan left / right / up /…

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2D Design S17


Best of 2D Design Spring 2017 Paper cut Project: I taught the 2D Design class for the first time in several years and was very pleased by the results of our stencil project. We utilized Illustrator, a digital paper cutter and created many variations on each. Here are some highlights….

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Best of CG-S17

Jorge Munoz

Best of Computer Graphics Spring 2017:  This semester I hosted two sections of my Computer Graphics course. There were two main assignments and lots of great results. Midway through the semester we were asked by RJEA, a new social justice organization on campus, t0 help them design a logo for their…

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The Art Department received a call from a colleague in the Education Department at Saint Xavier University. The question was, “Can you paint a mural on stage as people tell stories?” The answer was, “Sure, Right?” The art department does not have a muralist, or a mural class, or a…

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Best of Multimedia Fall 2016: Multimedia is a course that I created several years ago that has always sought to blend time based art forms such as sound, video and or performance. During this particular semester we also included video drawing, animation, video storytelling and music. Abel Juarez Tania Guitierrez…

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Art 260 Intro to Animation class: For most of the students in this class animation was brand new. We explored 5 different techniques. Every student did short 30 second or 1 minute tests using each animation technique. At the end of the semester every student proposed and delivered a 3-5…

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CG MAGS 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.05.55 PM

These are magazines created in my Computer Graphics class In 2015. The first 7 weeks of the course students study basic illustration techniques. During this time we also review basic 2D design elements and principles. This year students also crafted infographics. In the last 7 weeks all students are responsible…

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