Guitar – DESK

DESK - Guitar

I bought a truck. This allows me to collect furniture. I live in a neighborhood built in the 1950’s They trow away really nice furniture. Voila – A guitar is born. note – This project is still under construction the screen in front of the speaker is still being hotly…

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SWIRL – Guitar

SWIRL - Guitar

I sketched this guitar in the car while my wife was driving us back to Chicago from Iowa. I wanted to essentially Decorate and electrify a tin can guitar that I had built on a 2×2 plank in my garage. Most of the laser work that I did was purely…

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Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.43.46 PM

One of my first solo multi camera shots. I skipped class that night because I had nothing to present to the class. I got the idea that I would present something, instead to myself and four cameras. This is a live camera in which I am switching the video feeds…

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