THIS F&#%ing SONG – 2014

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The video was shot in  Iowa and Montana. This F&#%ing Song was made in this circle composition to play on an iPad inside of a canvas with a hole. The Audio is from a Chicago jam session. One of my favorite songs that I have ever been a part of…

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WHO CARES – 2014

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SXU sent me to Italy in 2005 to setup a travel abroad class called Documentario Italiano The class never happened but this video did.

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You Know Why – 2013

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It’s up to you. Face or No Face There are two versions of this video Me and Pei can’t decide She prefers no face. I prefer the face The image is animated oil stencil prints. The song was made on the iPad. “You know why they keep on coming around… …and…

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One of the first songs that I ever wrote with other people originally called Girls Ride. We probably played this song ever time Plato Township ever jammed for the first few months. The images come from my hard drive – deciding to choose only the footage that was already black…

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With your Fist – 2012

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.06.10 PM

With your Fist and with your Feet was an acoustic guitar and vocal recording that i put into a shared folder at the Plato Town Ship. What came out the other end of the collaborative server was much different – “…are those birds?” The video was an experiment in video…

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Painting Under the Lines – 2011

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Light Paintings: Paint and Projections at Chicago Art Department Posted by Andrew Roddewig on Sep 12, 2011 | Leave a Comment On Friday, September 9th Nathan Peck presented his light paintings at the Chicago Art Departments gallery at 1932 S Halsted #100. Nathan’s video paintings are a combination of actual…

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iPad Drawing Experiments – 2011

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 2.09.28 AM

This video contains a dozen or so painting-animations. Some utilize some photo and video collage. The music is by the band 55 with whom I have made many recordings. I am playing bass on these tracks. Longer Version   Abbreviated Version of my introduction to iPad drawing. This one includes…

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iPhone there fore iArt – 2010


Perhaps one of our most widely published events – the first iPhone Art Show broke a lot of new ground. Reporters form the New York Times and CBS Evening News covered the event. iSick was a respons to the H1N1 scare at the moment. I placed several iPhones that were…

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Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.53.58 PM

5 musical acts with video art accompaniment mad up the original TIME & PLACE with ROOK RICHARDSON SHOW.HERE are a few numbers from that evening and a few other preliminary experiments with shooting bands performing live   3fives @ Time & PLACE Dominic Johnson and Max Glascot – AKA DOJO…

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