Network / Networth

network-networth 2

Some More Dream Machines These help you measure your impact. Network / Networth Physical Description These are Little 8 x 10 inch sculptural paintings. Latex on birch in a prefab frame. Poetic Description Network / Networth Who knows? How much? How much? How much? How much? How much? How much is…

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Slim And Dreamy Machinies


The Great American Dream Machine will continue to pump gallons of greasy paintings, sculptures, videos and songs into your eyes and ears until you pull yourself up and earn that two-story self-fulfilling prophecy at the corner of Main Street and our collective subconscious. Component 1   Component 2

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Ode to Electric Decay


Before we had The Great American Dream Machine we had: Great American Novels, Great American Dreams, Great American Machines, The American Spirit, The Holy Spirit and The Spirit of St. Louis American factories and cities and citizens. Great Men, Great Women, and the Great American Songbook, Ben Franklin, Walt Witman, and Dorothea…

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Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 9.45.53 PM

Honors students made their own instruments and rocked out! This is a video created by a group of non-artist non-musicians that formed three bands and wrote original compositions on their own personally designed  electronic instruments. This class brought me back into a collaboration with Dominic Johnson a classically trained musician…

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Guitar – DESK

DESK - Guitar

I bought a truck. This allows me to collect furniture. I live in a neighborhood built in the 1950’s They trow away really nice furniture. Voila – A guitar is born. note – This project is still under construction the screen in front of the speaker is still being hotly…

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BALL – Guitar


This instrument was created through the processes of experimentation and failure. I was attempting to create a sample wooden sphere for my 3D students to study. A miscalculation left me with a half constructed 3/4 sphere. Decorative holes designed into the perimeter happened to perfectly fit a section of broomstick…

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SWIRL – Guitar

SWIRL - Guitar

I sketched this guitar in the car while my wife was driving us back to Chicago from Iowa. I wanted to essentially Decorate and electrify a tin can guitar that I had built on a 2×2 plank in my garage. Most of the laser work that I did was purely…

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