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This is my virtual painting of the Visual Art Center at SXU   Use your Scroll wheel to zoom Use your left mouse button to rotate Use your right button to scan left / right / up / down  

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The Art Department received a call from a colleague in the Education Department at Saint Xavier University. The question was, “Can you paint a mural on stage as people tell stories?” The answer was, “Sure, Right?” The art department does not have a muralist, or a mural class, or a…

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Proportion of Time & Place – 2015

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These canvases began with a grid exercise. I subdivided the canvas proportionally. I then looked for interesting patterns in the mess previously on the canvas. Most of my recent work has also been concentrating on the idea of the present moment in space.

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This Area – 2015

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Five Frames instigated this mini-series. It’s about watching where you are going. Media: Oil-stencil on canvas Created: Summer 2015

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Back of My Yards – 2014 – 15

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.19.18 PM

These paintings were made in and about my backyard. I applied glue to canvases I found on trash day driving home. I allowed the maple seeds (helicopters) to adhere to the surface and form texture. All six of these canvases when aligned at the bottom form a larger composition. The…

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Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.37.48 PM

I got a stencil cutter. These are my first experiments using oil paint with stencils. These were all made more or less simultaneously. The pages were all laying out on the counter and i was attacking them from all sides. Soon and Now seems to have lingered after an exhibition…

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The Beats That I Frequent – 2013

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This series began by tracing portions of the Chicago Police Beat Map onto canvas. The locations of the precinct headquarters are identified with stars. I wanted to identify locations in Chicago that I spend the most, some and very little time. I recently re-mixed these canvases by applying text. The…

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